Pregnancy test combo, 2 tests


The pregnancy test combo is for early detection of HCG hormone in urine (15mlU/ml) and very reliable pregnancy detection (25mlU/mL).

  • The package contains all the necessary tools and instructions in English for performing a single test
  • Easy to use. You will see the results in 3 minutes.
  • Instructions for use are also available in French, German, Spanish, and other languages.
  • Free and fast shipping!


Description Pregnancy test combo:

  • early detection of HCG hormone in urine (15mlU/ml) and  very reliable pregnancy detection (25mlU/mL)
  • works by pointing out the concentration of HCG in the urine as normal or above the normal value
  • detects a hCG level in only 5 minutes
  • has two test cassettes in the product package
  • instruction insert is included in package

Pregnancy is the physiological process in which uterus develops a new organism that is a result of fertilization. It can occur by sexual intercourse or reproductive technology. This process lasts about 280 days (40 weeks or 10 lunar months) from the last menstrual period. Under the influence of new conditions that appear during the development of offspring inside a woman, numerous complex changes are showing up. The menstruations stop, the breasts become swollen and sometimes nipples get darker. Some women have brown spots on their body, weakness, drowsiness, nausea, sometimes vomiting, drooling, taste changes, frequent urination.

It depends on a person, because every woman is individual in her reaction on pregnancy, but we used to specify the most common early signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

  •        Shortness of breath (the growing fetus needs oxygen, so it leaves you not much)
  •        Sore breasts and tingling nipples (the pregnancy hormones increase the blood delivering to your breasts)
  •        Fatigue, feeling sick (that it also the effect of increased hormone in woman’s body)
  •        Constipation and frequent urination (during a pregnancy body reproduces extra fluids what makes your bladder work more and extra progesterone that affect your digestive system)
  •        Headaches and backaches which come because you’re gaining weight and the center of gravity leave your posture in changed condition etc.