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Pregnancy Test Ultra Sensitive


 Pregnancy Test Ultra Sensitive 10 detects the early pregnancy stage.

  • The package contains all the necessary tools and instructions in English for performing a single test
  • Easy to use. You will see the results in 10 seconds.
  • Instructions for use are also available in French, German, Spanish, and other languages.
  • Free and fast shipping!

Pregnancy Test Ultra Sensitive 10:

  • high sensitivity (10 mIU / ml);
  • detects early pregnancy stage;
  • confirmation of the result (control stick);
  • 99,9% accuracy if applied according to the instruction;
  • see the instruction for detailed information.

It’s recommended to make the Pregnancy test in the morning for most accurate results. It’s used to aid in the earliest possible detection of pregnancy. It is possible to make the test already 5-7 days after the fertilization (hCG level 10mlU/ml).

The physio- and psychoprophylactic preparing for pregnant became very popular. In the process of this method, doctors tell women about anatomical and physiological characteristics of organism, changes it will have during pregnancy and teach them how to behave in this time.

Normal pregnancy is largely dependent on keeping of personal hygiene woman, clean body, underwear, clothing and footwear, housing. It is recommended to take hygienic shower with warm water followed by hard rubbing the skin with a towel. If a pregnant woman wants to take a bath, she needs to avoid a high temperature.

During pregnancy, woman should take care of her attractiveness. However, she needs to be aware that some cosmetics contain toxic substances, the absorption of which can lead to abnormal development of the embryo (fetus) and the fetus.

The correct mode of the day, prevention of physical and mental overvoltage, comfortable clothes and shoes, balanced diet, not consuming alcohol and not smoking, hygienic gymnastics sessions, daily walks, as well as other recreational activities contribute to the normal course of pregnancy and the proper development of intrauterine fetus.

Pregnancy test 25 mIU/ml

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